Neighbors Oppose Affordable Housing at Historic Senior Care Home

Lunalilo-Home-present.jpgHonolulu by Derek Tamura July 30, 2013 - In what is expected to be a heated discussion, neighbors of Lunalilo Home will weigh whether the importance of property values or affordable senior housing is better for Hawaii Kai. The exchange will occur at the Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board 7pm 7/30/13, at Hahaione Elementary School Cafeteria and may be a defining moment for the integrity and character of the East Oahu community . See: Follow Up.

Problem or Solution?

The project in question is Hale Kupuna (in yellow), a beautiful, affordable housing project for seniors located on the grounds of Lunalilo Home, found just off of Lunalilo Home Road. It is proposed-project.jpgnot a development for quick profit but a project to provide a respectable care for Hawaii’s kupuna. The project site is framed by Kaiser High School's sport fields to the North and Lunalilo Home on the West. The proposed rental units will occupy two of King Lunalilo's five acre legacy.

Opponents surmise such a development will add traffic and have a negative effect on their property value and want the project scrapped. But in a strange twist of fate, the neighbors against the project used the courts to force Lunalilo Home to sell land ownership to them in 1983. Lunalilo Home temporarily ceased operations from 1997 through 2001. Then 2005 the Honolulu city council voted to repeal a controrversial condo lease conversion law. "Government should not be involved in taking land from one private property owner to give it to another", said Councilman Nestor Garcia

Proponents, including the Home's residents and their families, the Home's employees and people concerned about the welfare of kupuna, say that the income derived from the rents is needed to offset the rising costs of providing residential care, respite, caregiver support, adult day care and delivered meals. The Home has provided kupuna with care for 86 years and with Hale Kupuna expand its support for Hawaii's growing, fixed-income, senior population.

The Chamber of Commerce for Persons with Disabilities - Hawaii fully supports Hale Kupuna and the honor and dignity that independent living provides our kupuna. Please lend your voice in support of our kupuna and write to the members of the Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board and Honolulu City Council.

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