Heart-wear is born from hard work, love and a desire to “do something about it”


(Honolulu, Hawaii USA – Nov 5, 2013) While working two jobs, one with an international airlines & the other for a famous US restaurant, Derika Tamura always had a burning desire to be a fashion designer. As a national championship soccer player she developed fortitude & determination. In the Cover Girl and Young Miss magazine competitions she learned poise under pressure. Even as a student majoring in religion & mathematics, she pinched pennies to visit businesses in different countries to understand the nuances of the global fashion world. Where to buy fabrics? Who does fabric art? Where are the quality manufacturers?

After years of research & bridge building, with no formal training & only a sharp eye for hot grass roots trends, Derika self-funded her business and launched her line of high quality, unisex, casual wear.

From a Promise

Hula Hearts was born from a promise to show others "I care enough to do something” about a good hula-heart-header400x259cause or passsion. The heart is the universal symbol of love, caring and compassion. Hula is an ancient Hawaiian storytelling dance that uses sign language to tell a story without a need for words. Wearing a Hula Heart says "watch me, watch my actions, this is my story".

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