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logostampOur mission is to maintain a leadership role in the community through programs, services and events that enhance the quality, general welfare and economic well-being of businesses owned by, associated with, serving or supporting persons with disabilities in Hawaii. Click READ MORE to quickly see some of the actions we doing to make a difference.

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We help businesses with ADA compliance by offering to inspect, recommend solutions, and certify accessibility complaince. To download the checklist CLICK HERE.

How to Conduct the Survey

Start Outside

Start from site arrival points such as drop-off areas and public sidewalks and determine if there is an accessible route to an accessible entrance. If there is a parking lot or garage check for the correct number of accessible parking spaces, including van-accessible spaces. Is there an accessible route from the accessible parking spaces to an accessible entrance? Next survey the entrances. If there is an accessible entrance, determine if there are signs at inaccessible entrances directing people to the accessible entrance. Go inside and continue through the facility and the checklist.

Keep Good Notes

Write on the front of each checklist where you are surveying. You may end up with six toilet room checklists. When you get back to your office you’ll want to know which one is the checklist for the first floor women’s room. If there isn’t an accessible entrance you’ll want to indicate how many steps there are and how much space is available to install a ramp or lift. This is a good time to take photographs.

Questions on the checklist: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Launch of the Chamber of Commerce for Persons with Disabilities - Hawaii

logo-stamp200x231Sept. 30, 2013 Honolulu, Hawaii The Chamber of Commerce for Persons with Disabilities - Hawaii is introducing its officers, directors and members with a public presentation outlining the multiple employment, partnering, and ownership opportunities currently available through the chamber, its members and partners. Vice Speaker for the Hawaii House of Representatives, John Mizuno, will be presenting a special certificate to the chamber.

On May 15...

when I gEaster Seals Logoo to the airport, I can't simply board the airplane like all the other passengers. I use a power wheelchair and I can't take it on board with me. So to travel by plane, I have to be lifted by strangers from my own wheelchair into an ill-fitting chair to get down the aisle to my seat. I'm a big guy – 6' 2" and 230 pounds – so lifting me is no small feat.

I'm forced to stow my personal wheelchair below the plane with no guarantee that it will come back in one piece. This chair was made just for me, and cost about $40,000. Proper seating is really important to my health. I might develop pressure sores from the airline seat which could put me in the hospital or worse.

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What is classified as a disability?

Here is the Disability Evaluation Under Social Security (Blue Book- June 2011)
The following sections are applicable to individuals age 18 and over and to children under age 18 where criteria are appropriate.

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