Marsha Joyner Marsh Joyner, President, Director of Governmental Relations

Co-founder of Martin Luther King Jr. Coalition & parade.

Director of the Nagasaki Bell Ringing & Memorial celebraton

President of Hawaiian National Publishing Company


The Hawaiian National Publishing Company is a wholly own subsidiary of the Hawaiian National Communications Corporation a 501(c)(3) domestic non-profit corporation in the State of Hawaii.  

“The Little Factory of Imagination”

“The Little Factory of Imagination” . . .   is designed to reach back and bring it forward by encouraging authors and publishing books for Children, Adults, and persons with disABILITIES.
Braille books – New and out of print books translated into Braille

Sign Language Books-  “Rabbit’s Acts of Kindness”.  By Marianne Ambrose

On-line Magazine-
“I am Hawaii magazine”
Children’s books -   New and out of print books
“The 12 days of Christmas- Hawaii Style” by Tutu Lokelani
“The Bird That Could Not Fly” by Stewart K. German

Adult books – New and out of print books. Options on the following books:
"Joshua – Bar Joseph Ish Nazareth A historical Novel of a Man who Believed GOD”
By Don Jacobs (aka “Moby Dick”); The Joshua Foundation, Kaneohe, HI
“Joshua is a first-person biography, a historical novel about the man remembered as Jesus Christ. The author prefers to render Jesus’ name as Joshua because it is a more accurate translation of the actual Aramaic than the name with which most of us are familiar.
Joshua incorporates Don Jacobs’ years of careful research and thereby deserves the undivided attention of people everywhere regardless of their religious orientation.
Forget what you know about the Christian dogma: read Joshua because it is the most powerful novel you’ll ever pick up.  It is sure to “blow your mind,” to make you aware of what we normally think of as religion in the formal, moralistic sense) is the very antitheses of what the real Joshua was all about.” By Richard Nolle

BACHI! The divine punishment: –The retribution when you have anger the gods. BACHI! The Divine Punishment – The Retribution when you have offended the Gods! - An Epic Historical Novel, chronicles one of the most underreported stories of our nuclear past.
By MarshaRose Joyner. Original Art by Erica Chappius
“Bachi!” is about the pristine Pacific Islands suddenly blasted out of the water and into the pits of hell, impacting a people whose lives have been altered forever.
“Bachi!” is historical; it is a love story; it is a tragedy played out on the grand stage of life with a macabre ending.
BACHI is a trilogy whose timespan encompass more than 50 years with a large universal backstory.
BACHI conveys the spirit, manners, and social conditions of a significant period of history with realistic details and fidelity to historical fact
Guided by our blind hero Enoch, this is a unique insight into the callous attitudes toward the people of Pacific Islands, whose basic human rights were thrashed in the process; creating Nuclear Nomads. This is a fictional account of one man's journey based on actual facts surrounding atomic/hydrogen bomb tests in the Marshall Islands. It's the very real heroes that continue to be inflicted by a nation that prefers this story go untold. BACH Recounts the 50 year journey of the Nuclear Nomads in four “books” complete with original artworks by renowned Artist Erica Chappius.
Book one- Fantasy, Book two –Reality, Book Three- The Revolt, Book Four- Retribution
These 317 Nuclear/Hydrogen bombs destroyed the cultural fabric of these Islands. What the Westerners did to these people was Genocide – A Nuclear Holocaust takes place mostly off-stage, while the fictional characters inhabit the world where those events occur. Due to contamination of entire populations and homeland, the People of the Marshall Islands suffered a loss of a sustainable way of life, tangible resources, as well as knowledge and social structure that allowed effective viable use of terrestrial and marine resources.

The Magic Gourd
THE MAGIC GOURD, is a Children’s series designed ‘‘children of all ages’’.
One of the many legends of Hawaii tells of a chief and his traveling companion who possessed a gourd within which contained the winds. Through the use of the winds, these travelers were able to explore places far and wide. Thus the concept of the magic gourd provides the basis of a children’s series bringing to life the oral traditions of indigenous peoples from around the world. THE MAGIC GOURD will explore their land, discover their customs and culture, and meet other little children.
THE MAGIC GOURD will begin with an introduction into the world of oral traditions anchored in Hawaii with an irresistible “TUTU KANE” (Grandfather). The series will travel on the winds from the gourd, meeting fantastic storytellers in far off places around the world, telling memorable stories embedded with humor and dramatized with their own charm.  Storytellers and writer of all ages from around the world have been invited to contribute stories, songs and pictures about their homeland.
THE MAGIC GOURD will display the treasures in the diversity of humanity with a multi-versioning approach.  We will hear the tambour of their voice, the rhythm of the language and feel the sway of their life’s momentum - the means of communication which existed in every culture from time immemorial.

Blog: Ode to Minutia
This where the minutiae and the profound of our lives gets observed. One of the great things about being me is that you learn how to explore in detail and appreciate minutia. “In the soup of everyday life, in the mixture of minutia from which human relations are woven, it is not a law. It is a logical incongruity when both strong and weak fall victim to their mutual relations, unconsciously subservient to some unknown guiding power that stands outside of life, irrelevant to man”.
Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860–1904), Russian author, playwright.  Korolev's thoughts in Episode from a Practice, Works, vol. 10, p. 82, "Nauka" (1976)                                      

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