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Defining Winners

teamFriday night, and in Wisconsin, that means football. Clintonville Truckers was playing hometown favorite the Little Chute Mustangs. With the clock running, Little Chute called on Noah Van Vooren.

Van Vooren has been the team's water boy for the past couple of years but today, duty had a much higher calling. He suited up, got out on the field with the intent of taking that ball into the endzone. And that is exactly what Van Vooren did. He took the handoff from the quarterback and ran 35 yards down the field for a touchdown. Van Vooren has Down syndrome.

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Remember the Reason - Please

Gather the children and watch the full show here:

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But Alzheimer's Costs Skyrocket

report-cardBy Ryan Jaslow / CBS News / September 20, 2013
An April study in the New England Journal of Medicine estimated the yearly cost of caring for someone with dementia at about $70,000.

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Rione-PaigeBreaking News...Nothing to say...just watch and see. CLICK HERE to see the video.

PBN-square-logoThe following is a letter to Pacific Business News detailing my support of one of this chamber's directors for the prestigious 2013 Business Leadership Hawaii – Best in Small Business (up to 40 full time employees) Award. The letter reveals leadership virtues that are often mistaken as skills by the untrained eye.

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Star NASCAR Engineer At Hendrick Motorsports Doesn't Have Arms

bike-ride.jpgThe Huffington Post By Parker says, "I don't know there's a lot in life ... that I'd say I can't do. Just things I haven't done yet." The fact that Richie Parker can ride a bike doesn't sound impressive -- until you see him do it. Same goes for the car repairs he makes using power tools.

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