Realizing the STOVE IS ON! Do I go back home - will I get home in time - call the neighbors - hope they're home - oh noooo, they dont have the key - WHAT CAN I DO?!?

I've done it. Have you or a family member? The angst of not knowing for sure or worse - realizing the stove is still on. We all have stove stories.

Introducing the latest in smart stove technology - iGuardStove. It will soon be a necessary device that senses that stove cooking is unattended and automatically turns your stove off to prevent ruining your meal, burning a pot, ruined glass cooktop, and ultimately NEVER having to worry about a stove fire! iGuardStove even turns the stove back on as soon as you are back in the kitchen. 


iGuardStove uses:

Complex Motion Sensing and Countdown Timer Technology
Advanced Monitoring & Notification Technology
Innovative Clinical Analysis Software

Features Managed From an Online Account

The iGuardStove has many features that you can manage right from your own Internet account. There is the FREE Basic account and a range of monthly fees that lets you can access advanced caregiver features on a wi-fi connected unit.

iGuardStove makes a great gift for someone you love and can be ordered directly from the manufacturer and delivered to your door without any sales tax. 

Here is the website for more information:
Order directly from here:

For a free kitchen fire review and report contact JP Souza of A'ole Fire 

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