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starbucks.jpgInternational Business Times By Keerthi Mohan July 16 2013 — Members of the Deaf Chat Coffee group were reportedly "shocked and frightened" when police officials arrived at the Starbucks outlets. According to the lawsuit, the police responded to a call made by employees of the Starbucks outlet, who complained of a disturbance following a meeting, which the employees alleged was being conducted without a permit.

Reportedly, the Starbucks workers said that a number of people in the group were non-paying customers. The lawsuit added that the officers apologized to the gathering when they found no illegal conduct had occurred, and reprimanded staff members for calling the police.

Can this be true? Read the headlines.

Best to Worst Tax Systems for Entrepreneurship and Small Business 

tax-burdenNews Release April 17, 2013

$5.75 Million Settlement to Deaf and Blind Students Sexually Assaulted by Gang at School

Excerpt from Hawaii Reporter February 24, 2013

Hawaii Reporter

BY MALIA ZIMMERMAN - A young girl is forced to perform oral sex on an older boy while he films her with his cell phone camera and students at their school look on; another young girl becomes pregnant after she is raped by a male student at her school; a young boy is sodomized in the bathroom by an older student, but school administrators don’t penalize the perpetrator; another child is sexually assaulted by five boys on campus, and nothing is done to stop them or punish them after the fact. CLICK HERE to read full story.

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Published May 18, 2013

bite victimA Philadelphia teenager with cerebral palsy is recovering after a brutal attack in which she was bitten across her back and shoulders.  However, from where the bites originated remains a mystery.

16-year-old Ariel Alexander’s condition has confined her to a wheelchair for most of her life, leaving her unable to communicate to authorities about who committed the savage act, reported. 

Yet the human bite marks across her left shoulder and upper back are clearly visible. CLICK HERE read full story.

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I was told...

of a girl in a wheelchair with a severe speech disorder. She is a bright and intelligent student seeking the same thing that every child seeks - someone to share a story, to play with, to talk to, just someone to be her friend. Her obstacles are not her wheelchair or her speech disorder, she has accepted that as part of her life.Her sword of Damocles is from the constant bullying in school. Often reduced to tears from name calling, mockery, and frustration when the school calls her mother to pick her up from school because she is an emotional mess after every bullying episode. Is she being punished for not being able to take the abuse?!

wheelchair studentImagine being trapped in a wheelchair, defenseless and unable to escape, unable to call for help, ignored so you get no help, then cast aside so no one will see your pain. How does she find the strength and the courage to go to school?

I was also told that it wasn’t until a concerned group of students reported and pointed out the bullies to school officials that the handicapped girl got a break from bullies. Those students don’t consider themselves heroes – they were just doing the right thing.
Why isn’t everyone doing the right thing?

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