PhillyAirportWorkersBart Jansen, USA TODAY November 4, 2013 story reported that the Transportation Department fined US Airways $1.2 million for a disability case because of its poor performance to passengers needing wheelchair assistance in Philadelphia and Charlotte. It is the largest penalty for a disability case against an commercial airlines.



Airlines are supposed to provide free, prompt wheelchair assistance to passengers with disabilities between gates and while makingSIP0518526-wheelchair-airport connections.

"All air travelers should be treated fairly when they fly, regardless of any disabilities they may have," said Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.

During 2011 and 2012 over 300 complaints from passengers at the two airports alerted Transportation officials. Some passengers were left unattended for long periods causing missed connecting flights. It was determined that US Airways' use of electric carts and wheelchairs to carry passengers required frequent transfers and led to long delays.

Some cases involved "egregious" violations of being being taken to the wrong gate or left unattended on a plane for more than 15 minutes after other passengers got off and even being left unattended more than 30 minutes in a terminal .

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