Business Building Program

Individualized mentoring for those that want to own & operate their own business. Services include skill & resource analysis, crowd-funding, & business planning.

Other Actions

Expand disabled student awareness programs by establishing peer driven one on one, face to face relationships with their fellow students. A practice of inclusion will change attitudes and prevent bullying of disabled students

Launch an internet base video campaign via a “submit your vacation video” contest. Travelers with disabilities submit their vacation videos to be used for a series videos marketing Hawaii in an “Accessible Aloha” campaign.

Develop information sharing and commenting platform for smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop access that allows consumers to help businesses grow.

Establish business seminars, conventions & expositions to demonstrate services & display products that benefits owner, managers or serve persons with disabilities.

Inclosing, we hope to include you and your organization as a member of this chamber in our media releases, newsletters, promotions and special events. Use the attached membership application form or CLICK HERE to download a pdf membership form that you can fill out on your computer & return by email.


Marsha Joyner, President pro tempore        Derek Tamura, Vice president pro tempore

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