Section 1: Rules. Elections shall be conducted pursuant to the dictates of Roberts Rules of Order Revised.

Section 2: Board of Directors. At the August Board of Directors meeting, the board shall elect the Nominating Committee members from the current board members. A Nominating Committee shall consist of no less than two (2) board members, including the chairperson-elect who shall act as chairperson. This committee shall deliver to the June General Membership Meeting, a slate of candidates, if any, having been vetted by a procedure established by this committee, of the directors to be elected. Nominations shall be open from the floor. In the event of a nomination from the floor the nominated candidate shall be vetted before brought back to the floor.

Any member in good standing may nominate another member in good standing for the open director position by submitting the name under his/her signature together with endorsement of one (1) other member in good standing. The candidate should also approve his/her nomination by signing the written nomination indicating his/her willingness to serve. Such written nomination must be delivered to the Chamber office no later than ten (10) days after the slate is announced to the general membership on which date the nominations shall be considered closed.

Section 2: Officers. At the May Board of Directors meeting, the Nominating Committee shall deliver a slate of officer nominations for any open positions for the coming year, to the June Board of Directors meeting. The floor shall be open for nominations at this time. All officers must be members of the Board of Directors and consent to having their names presented for election. If no additional nominations are forthcoming, the chairperson shall declare the slate as presented.

Section 4: General Election. A listing of nominee’s name, position and term shall be distributed to voting members at least thirty (30) days prior to the July General Meeting. Ballots listing the nominee’s name, position and term shall be distributed to voting members at the July General Meeting. The ballots will be called in by the presiding officer and the Elections Committee shall be responsible for tabulating the ballots.

The chairperson shall either hire an independent accounting firm or appoint a committee of three (3) to count the ballots and their determination shall be conclusive. Those nominees receiving the greatest number of ballots will be elected by plurality vote. The chairperson shall announce and introduce the new directors and officers at the August General Membership Meeting.

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