1. Be open to Touch.
Each person has a purpose for living and the battle to find that purpose may a long series of trials & errors or it may fall on you like a ton of bricks. We never know how another individual will affect our lives - now or much later, directly or through one of the 6 degrees of unity (vs. six degrees of separation). We plan our lives and live on the hope that all goes well.

Acknowledge that each individual is a valuable part of our lives.

2. Reach out and Touch.
Meeting people is a skill building exercise of the life process. Introduction and communication is an extremely complex series of cultural rituals necessary to bind spirits. Whether the meeting is with someone famous or of no immediate influence, a connection is made to another by a shared moment. Then someone gives, the other receives. Then the roles are continually reversed until a bond is developed by sharing an experience, an idea, a bit of knowledge or a story.

Introduce someone to another.

3. Treasure the Touch.
Witnessing connections being made is a thing of beauty, an “aha” moment to be admired, respected, or become a part of. Keeping in Touch with family, friends, & associates shows respect, caring and is just good manners. Reflecting on who, why when and where we met are the "life lessons" we carry for our personal growth of mind, body, & spirit.

Follow up, it’s good for your spirit.

See Video: Football team protects bullied girl!

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